Rodrigo has spent the last 18 years focused on internet businesses. He prides himself on his ability to quickly spot growth opportunities and to see them through to fruition. Rather uniquely, he thrives off the challenge of working with tight resource constraints and fast changing market environments. So he's accustomed to seeing the opportunity and working backwards from there. It helps that he has a deep understanding of current and emerging Internet-related and mobile technologies, and he is able to see the benefits and risks they present to businesses.

Rodrigo has worked and lived in across Europe, in Brazil and the US but his home is London where, in 2012, he co-founded the rapidly-growing, - a personal beauty shopping service that pride themselves on delivering an easier, more fun and rewarding shopping experience. They're passionate about entrepreneurialism, technology and of course, beauty.

As COO, Rodrigo is responsible for order processing and distribution. Last year he had to cope with the challenge of fulfilling more orders in November than MyShowcase had processed in the previous 12 months. Needless to say, it didn't go smoothly! 

Rodrigo will share the learnings that has, since then, improved MyShowcases logistics efficiency five-hold.