Darren Williams

International Retail Director, T2 Tea

Lessons for a perfect peak

Darren has a wealth of retail experience working for some of the most successful international brands including, Paul UK, Orange, Home Retail Group and Hotel Chocolat. At Hotel Chocolat Darren was responsible for growing the chain from 29 UK stores to a whopping 77 in a 5 year period, so he knows a thing or two about growth. Now at the fast-growing T2 tea, an ever-popular import from Australia that's now, thanks to Darren, booming in the UK and USA, Darren is responsible for further growth and expansion in these markets.

Such strong growth takes a lot of retail expertise and knowledge. So what has Darren learnt in his time at T2 tea? In his talk Darren will share candid examples on what he learnt from Christmas 2015 and how these lessons are impacting on his plans for Christmas 2016. So what are T2 up to this peak period and perhaps more importantly, why?