Andrew McClelland

Head of Industry Insight, IMRG


Andrew has a background spanning IT, Telecommunications and Distribution in commercial, strategic and marketing roles. In addition, having spent several years trading agricultural commodities domestically and internationally, Andrew has a keen interest in trends, forecasting and industry development. Having been with IMRG for 11 years, Andrew has witnessed the rapid growth of e-retail first-hand and has responsibilities including coordinating IMRG regulatory response activities, events, forums and projects.

In his talk, Andrew will discuss the ecommerce industry trends and patterns that he explores on a daily basis. Andrew works with global, household-name brands so he is in a very privileged position to view the industry as a whole and to form a non-biased perspective on where the industry is headed. In his statistics-driven talk, Andrew will explore the analytics behind his predictions and leave you with fact-supported insights about the future of ecommerce.