Andrew Beale

F&F Clothing, Tesco - Head of Digital and Multichannel Development


Andy joined Tesco in 1998 and led the website development of Tesco Direct in 2006. More recently has helped with the strategy and development of Tesco Marketplace. 

Andy will share his experience of using content to drive sales across multiple channels. He will share what F&F Clothing have done inside Tesco stores to help encourage sales and how this is supported online, creating a seamless and consistent experience for customers at every touch point. Andy marries online and in store to ensure every sale is made as simple and pleasurable as possible for the customer.

F&F Clothing at Tesco have introduced lots of cutting edge in store technologies and many F&F Clothing sales are made online whilst in store. Andrew has lead these projects and he'll share his first-hand experience of what initiatives that have excelled expectations and he'll offer hints and tips to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.