Ashley Friedlein

President, Centaur Marketing and Founder, Econsultancy


Ashley is one of the most influential and connected figures in the global marketing, digital and ecommerce sectors. One of his 100+ recommendations on LinkedIn reads, “If Ashley doesn’t know it – it ain’t worth knowing.”

Founded in 1999, Econsultancy helps its customers achieve excellence in digital business, marketing and ecommerce through research, training and events. Over 600,000 professionals use Econsultancy every month.

In his talk, Ashley will discuss where he is seeing Innovation in digital retail experiences. He'll share case studies showcasing cutting-edge thinking and technology in action, explore the most innovative shopping experiences that he's experiencing and discuss where in the world is this innovation happening fastest. 

Enjoy this whirlwind tour of the topics and real-life examples of what Ashley thinks are the most exciting innovations in retail and user experience.